Welcome to MSTmap Online

MSTmap is a software tool that is capable of constructing genetic linkage maps efficiently and accurately. It can handle various mapping populations including BC1, DH, Hap, and RIL, among others. The tool builds the genetic linkage map by first constructing a Minimum Spanning Tree (MST), and hence the name MSTmap. The algorithm implemented in MSTmap is very efficient and can handle maps of up to ~100,000 markers. According to our experimental studies, when the data quality is high, the accuracies of the maps produced by our tool are as good as those by the best tools available in the literature. However, when the data are noisy, the maps generated by our algorithm are significantly better.

This web-server hosts the online version of MSTmap, which is limited in its functionality compared to the full version. In particular, the maximum number of markers allowed is 10,000. If you have more than 10,000 markers, please download and install the full version on a local Linux or Windows machine.

Initial development of MSTmap was supported by NSF grant DBI-0321756.