Please follow the steps below to specify the input file as well as various options for MSTmap. Note, the input file must be in the tab-delimited text format. Please refer to help for the detailed instructions on how to assemble the input file.

Step 1: Input Genotype File

Upload the input genotype file(in the tab delimited text format, please refer to sample.txt for an example):

Step 2: Specify options for MSTmap

Grouping LOD Criteria: Population type:
   Note: Using DH for a RIL population will result
   in about a 2x inflation of map distances.
Number of markers...........:     Number of mapping lines........:
No mapping size threshold:     No mapping distance threshold:  cM
No mapping missing threshold: %     Try to detect genotyping errors:
Genetic mapping function:

Step 3: Receive output:

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